Competition Prizes

Updates for 2015 in progress - please check back after October 15, 2014


The top twelve competitors are invited to perform before a live audience and our panel of world renowned judges.  The judges will give each semifinalist written and oral comments after the competition and a DVD of his/her performance.  The top six semifinalist competitors are invited to perform a second time at the evening finals competition.

Bach Award

The semifinalist competitor judged to have given the best performance of a solo Bach selection is given the Bach Award. This award is a cash prize of $500.00 given by The Bach Festival Society of Kalamazoo and the Stulberg International String Competition.


The top six finalist competitors are invited to return to the stage and perform a second selection before a live audience and our panel of judges. Each finalist will be given an audio (CD) recording of his/her performance.

First Prize*

The winner of first place is awarded the Burdick-Thorne Gold Medal with a cash prize of $6,000.00 and an orchestral performance with either the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra or the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra.

Second Prize*

The winner of second place is awarded the Silver Medal with a cash prize of $5,000.00. The Silver Medalist award includes a return performance with the Western Michigan University Symphony Orchestra, Bruce Uchimura conductor.  Julius Stulberg was Professor of Violin at WMU and Conductor of the University Symphony Orchestra from 1945 to 1974.

Third Prize*

The winner of third place is awarded the Pinehurst Bronze Medal with a cash prize of $4,000.00. The Bronze Medalist is also awarded a performance with the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra. Founded in 1939, the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest and finest youth symphony orchestras in the United States and has been accorded many national and international honors. It was directed by Julius Stulberg from 1941 through 1974.

*The Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes money will be received in two payments; first half will be received immediately after the competition and the other half after the performance award concert.

Semifinalist Stipends

The nine semifinalists not chosen for medals will each receive a $1,000.00 stipend.  Attendance at the evening finals concert is required to receive this stipend.