2018-19 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President: Linda Depta
President Elect:
Jane Rooks Ross
Past President:
Chris Shook
David Johnson
Treasurer: Charles Wattles
Communication & Promotion: Theresa Coty O’Neil
Resource Development: Colleen McBride
Music: Anders Dahlberg
Nominating & Governance: Jane Rooks Ross

Board Members

Alisa Carrel
Pamela Enslen
Kathleen Jones
Renata Artman Knific
Josh Koets
Audrey Lipsey
Derl Oberlin
Greg Seiler
Naomi Siegel Morse
Kurt Voissem

Thank you to our 2018 hosts

David & Lily Bosak
Pamela Boudreau
Patricia Crowley, Host Chair
Diane & Mark Donovan
Lynne & Phillip Heasley
James & Sisi Jin
Meehee Joe
Ashley Lanting
Eric & Lily Nordmoe
Theresa Coty O’Neil & John O’Neil
Janelle & Christopher Randall
Dee & Chris Velkoff
Charles Wattles & Rosemary Willey


Each year individuals or families are selected to be hosts for the Stulberg Competition semifinalists. Hosts provide for transportation, meals and special needs of the semifinalists while in Kalamazoo. Semifinalists are typically housed at a hotel with their parents.

If you are interested in serving as a host, please call the Stulberg office at 269-343-2776.